Best Personal Finance Writing – Week 12

Best personal finance writingNot much new to report other than our first subscriber-only cash giveaway is about to go live.  This giveaway will be easy. Subscribers will receive an email telling them where to leave a comment and one random comment will be selected to win $50.

I’m not asking like some other sites do for you to perform a variety of tasks in exchange for entries. This is going to be easy to enter and good opportunities to win.

If by some stroke of magic I get 50 new subscribers, I’ll double the prize to $100.

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Here are this week’s…

Best Personal Finance and Lifestyle Writing of the Week

  • Brave New Life mocks another one of those mainstream financial posts that question  bold money  moves like retiring early.
  • Joe Atikian released an excerpt of his book Saving Money: The Missing Link to the Globe and Mail in Canada. He discusses the psychological barriers to saving money.
  • Money Crashers analyzes the dog eat dog world of venture capital through the lens of the TV show Shark Tank, a reality show where entrepreneurs go in front of super-wealthy investors like Mark Cuban and pitch their need for investment.
  • Doug Casey at Casey Research takes a look at the ascendance of sociopaths in US government. A fascinating topic.
  • Corey at 20s Finances shares his own college money mistakes so young people can learn and avoid.

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