Is it Time to Buy or Sell Silver and Gold Bullion?

Last year I was buying and selling small amounts of silver and gold each month, but put that on hold after a large price drop in silver convinced me to focus every dollar on paying off debt. Now that I am debt free, I am ready to start purchasing bullion again. Some people have recently asked me if it is time to buy or sell bullion, and I say both. That’s because it depends on when you bought and if you need the money or not. If you bought low and the current price represents a high for you, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to cash out at today’s prices, which are better than they have been for many months. If you are wondering whether it is a good time to enter the precious metals markets, I’d say that I generally feel that silver at least is undervalued and the current spot price is good enough to establish an initial position and then start a montlhly dollar cost averaging purchase plan.     Why Bullion? I prefer silver and gold bullion to “paper” because it is something you can see and verify. Bullion is also very liquid (and fun … Read more