This Credit Card is Dangerous for Introverts but Good for the Ego

“This card is heavy,” he said after running it through the credit card swiper, pausing to examine it closely before handing it back. “It’s made of metal,” I lamely offer, as if I had said it a hundred times prior (I have). Yes, the Chase Sapphire Preferred card is a metal credit card. It’s heavier than a normal card. The card number is on the back, not the front where clerks usually first look. There is something about this card that makes people want to hold it, bend it, and examine it closely. This makes my skin crawl as I watch their hands, dirty with the filth of currency and fast food, trail across the letters of my name.   Beware the Unique Credit Card When I first got the card I thought the metal was cool. I didn’t mind when people commented on it. But that’s not why I got it. I hadn’t opened a new credit card in a few years. and I wanted one with no foreign transaction fees so that I could use it on our trip to London and Croatia. The $400 cash reward signup bonus didn’t hurt either, and I happily put that towards the cost of the trip. “Is … Read more