Married With Debt

Like most 30 year olds who are married with children, I am in debt. That is what ‘Married with Debt’ means. Is it possible to get married without debt? I’m sure it is, but what fun is that?

When I think about the hundreds of thousands of dollars that have passed through my hands over the years, many times leaving my bank account the day they arrived. I become tired of renting my lifestyle.

I am tired of living under the thumbs of banks, owing them hundreds of thousands of dollars. I’ve spent so much, bought so much, did so much, but have nothing to show for it but a few gray hairs and some stories.

I’m tired of working just for the sake of getting by. And the longer I go with just getting by, the more frustrated I get with not getting ahead.

I’m tired of playing by the rules. The rules enslave us in a buy now pay later scheme that ensures we work until we are 70 and die penniless.

Time to write some new rules…

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3 thoughts on “Married With Debt

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  2. I found myself in a financial bind because I invested too heavily in the real estate back in the 2000s. Just about everyone who has dabbled into real estate in the early 2000s rave about how much money they have made. Feeling jealous and envious, I attempted to do the same, but to find that it is not as easy as all the TV shows claim to be. In the traditional world, you would want to buy at the lowest and sell at the highest, but no one could have predicted when this ceiling and floor limit will present itself. As you can probably guess by now, I was one of the unlucky ones and ended up losing a lot of money when the stock market crashed. The financial loss from these bad investments meant that I had to file for bankruptcy to get myself out of this rut that I was in. It was definitely difficult for me emotionally as I seemingly was on top of the world, and then in a matter of a year or so, I was left with nothing. The lesson I have learned from this is that do not be greedy. Do not always try to take the shortcut and jump on the bandwagon for the latest money making scheme. If you want to be financially rewarded, make sure you are aware what you can afford, and stick to a budget that is reasonable. Or else you might be way over your head, and that can result in a need to file for bankruptcy protection.

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