Best Personal Finance Writing – Week 3

Thanks to all my readers for another great week. There have been some interesting discussions started in the comments – behold the power of The Yakezie.

I’ve seen so much great advice this week that I’m proud to present this week’s featured writing. Please do yourself a favor and check them out.

I participated in the Yakezie Carnival this week hosted by Miss T at Prairie Eco Thrifter.  Many thanks to her for putting that together.

I’m ready for the weekend. Some old friends of mine are coming to visit, so we’ll see how that turns out…

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19 thoughts on “Best Personal Finance Writing – Week 3

  1. Hope you have a great weekend with your friends. We too are getting together with some friends we haven’t seen in ages.

    Thanks for including my post on superfoods. I really appreciate it. Also, thanks for such kind words. It means a lot.

  2. I really like that post about learning a new language by 100 centavos. Learning a second language really is a great way to inspire personal development!

    • Me too. His analytical writing is really great, and you can tell he has a creative mind because he is able to hit on so many cultural issues in a self-described “short” post.

  3. John you have some amazing content here – stuff for people from all walks of e-society. This is a New Age and I feel like we’re actually ushering something in here – making real changes on the homefront; with the people. I’m excited to be involved and can’t wait to see just how many people this site is able to reach and help. We are on the cusp of something here in America, societal reform in some way or another. The people are restless and starving for purpose. People are tired of mundane living and material focus. It’s time to stop being a victim of society and start being a victor of the individual.

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