Milestones (2011) and Goals (2012)

Reading inspiring posts from other personal finance bloggers who made big strides in 2011 has spurred me to do one of my own. I think it is a valuable exercise to write down what you plan to accomplish, as well as reflect on personal victories.

Doing this is also a good way to hold yourself accountable, as well as share your success with others.

So without further ado, here are my milestones for 2011 and goals for 2012.


  • Turned 30
  • Finally stopped thinking about starting a personal finance blog, and actually did it
  • Was voted one of the top new writers of 2011 at
  • Was interviewed for the official HubPages Weekly newsletter
  • Made out last car payment (both vehicles now paid off)
  • Told my boss that my family was more important than my career


2012 GOALS

  • Spend more time with my family
  • Get below 200k on Alexa ranking and earn a Yakezie Membership
  • Post here 2-4 times per week and build new connections
  • Earn $500/month from online writing by end of year
  • Become debt free (except house)
  • Take another European vacation
  • Exercise for 20 minutes a day, three times per week
  • Self-publish a book on Amazon KDP



Goals are simply dreams that have matured.

By giving myself definable and specific benchmarks (instead of “exercise more”), I’ve turned my dreams into plans. While the goals may be specific, the path to achieve them often is not.

Take for example my goal to earn $500 per month from online writing. I have no idea if that will come from HubPages, MW/Debt site, a combination of both, or a venture that I have not yet implemented (eBooks, etc).

Though I’m not sure if I will reach all of my goals, I have put myself ahead of the game by taking the time to define them and share them with you.

Rather than ask you what your goals are, I’d rather pick your brains for advice.

Do you have any suggestions that can help me reach my 2012 goals?



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21 thoughts on “Milestones (2011) and Goals (2012)

  1. The Alexa ranking will come. Keep reading, posting and guest posting on blogs and your rank will go down faster than you think. To put it into perspective, I accomplished it twice in less than 6 months (once on a free site, then again when I moved to self-hosted).

    As far as everything else, especially family time and exercise, you have to make those a priority and find time for them. That’s about all you can do.
    Jana @ Daily Money Shot recently posted..Lizard Lick Towing: Repo Men, Financial Educators (part 1)My Profile

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Jana. If I could get up an hour earlier each day, I’d be able to accomplish more of my goals. I woke up late again today (because I was up too late again!)

  2. Alexa doesn’t really count until the 90 day mark since it’s a moving average – so don’t be discouraged yet. You’ll drop quickly to around the 500,000 mark, then slide into 200,000 with plenty of time to spare… just keep up the interaction!

    How quickly are you going to jump to the eBook? Are you going to wait until you’re making the $500/month regularly or are you going to hop in soon?
    PKamp3 recently posted..How To Define ‘Savings’My Profile

  3. That’s pretty awesome with the hubpages accomplishments!

    It seems like you set some pretty reachable goals for 2012. My advice would be to try to hit them incrementally, if possible. For example, it’s easiest to start with making $200 a month rather than jump straight to $500 a month. Have a plan for how you’ll ramp up to $500 so you’re not stuck trying to hit your yearly goal in just the last month of the year.
    Jeffrey recently posted..Help! I’m Not Investing For Retirement!My Profile

    • Thanks Jeffrey. I was surprised by it since I’d only been writing there about two months and joined late in the year. I like your idea of breaking the goals into sub-goals. My first sub-goal is $100/month (seems so far away).

    • Hey SB – I used to feel the same way about debt and travel until I stumbled across Ramit Sethi’s concept of Conscious Spending (deciding in advance your priorities and goals and adjusting your spending accordingly). Since then, I’ve realized that the most important personal finance concept is that you are able to do what you want with your money.

      If someone wants to rack up a bunch of debt starting a business, or blow their paycheck on comic books – feel free. I only believe in giving people advice when they want it. That’s why if someone asks me what they should do with their money, I’ll probably give them a blank stare.

      Would I advise someone at the beginning of their debt-free mission to take a European trip: probably not. But if that person had been paying off debt for a few years and was almost done, and it meant a lot to them, I’d probably tell them to do it.

      For me, we’ll be debt free (minus house) in 7 months. Vacation is in 6 months. Could I have been debt free 2.5 months quicker without the trip? Yes. But it is not worth it to me to potentially have to wait another year or two for this chance. Adding an extra 2.5 months to my payoff plan was a tradeoff I am willing to make.

      Now, we are doing this responsibly. By the time the trip comes, we will have been saving almost a year. We also consciously cut spending in other areas (worked hard on grocery budget), and scrimped in many areas that were not important to us. We won’t accrue any new debt because of the trip. For these reasons, I’m going for it.

      For many people, rigid personal finance messages are a turn off. If we can turn money into something positive (a way to live your dreams), then everyone is happier.

      Thanks for stopping by.

    • Now that I’m addicted to PF blogging, I have to make sure that I don’t substitute this for being in the office. Here’s to family!

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