Best Personal Finance Writing – Week 5

What a week! Today I was highlighted in the Consumerist, one of my favorite personal finance and consumer protection sites, and one of the best sites out there period.

On Monday I started the Slow Carb Diet, not because I need to lose weight, but because I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I’ve also been doing cardio in the mornings. I feel better already.

The Slow Carb Diet essentially allows only three things with each meal: meat, legumes and vegetables. No grains or starches, no dairy, no fruit or fruit juice. Luckily it allows red wine. Needless to say, it’s very limiting, and forces me to think ahead about my meals.

It also allows (basically requires) one cheat day per week where I can eat anything I want in any quantity.  This week it will be Super Bowl Sunday!  I may still avoid grains, as I am doing an experiment to see what a month without grain feels like.

I was included in the Yakezie Carnival hosted by the Amateur Financier. Thanks for hosting!

Enough about me…on to the recommendations 





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28 thoughts on “Best Personal Finance Writing – Week 5

  1. Thanks for including me!! I’ll be reciprocating on Sunday with my weekly recap.

    Be careful when you do cheat. When I cut most of the carbs from my diet and then had them, I would get so sick. I really hope that isn’t the case here since you are only going without for 6 days and then eating them. That was one big problem with low/no carb diets.
    Jessica, The Debt Princess recently posted..5 Ways to Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  2. Very nice work on the Consumerist mention! That’s awesome. Hope you got a million hits from that!

    Thanks for the mention and the link!

  3. Nice work being mentioned on the Consumerist. I’ll look forward to hearing how you feel on your diet at the end of the month. I am low on energy too, so I’d like to know if it helps you. When do you get to add fruit back into the diet?

  4. Great stuff, John. I’ve been stocking up on slow carbs ready to kick off the new diet after this afternoon’s pizza party… one… final…. goodbye.

    Also, If I ever became a mom there would be a lot to laugh about… 🙂 but I do quite a bit of those as a Dad… My wife doesn’t seem to like my signing as much as I do though…
    Nick recently posted..7 Secrets of Self-Made MultimillionairesMy Profile

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