$50 Cash Giveaway Reminder

cash giveaway

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed so far.

Sometime in the next two days I’ll be sending out the email with instructions on how to be included in the giveaway.

It will contain a link to an old Married (with Debt) blog post where you can simply leave a comment to be considered for entry.

After a few days, I’ll use a random number generator to pick the winning commenter, then email them to arrange delivery.

It’s as simple as that.

So make sure you are subscribed via email, and that you have confirmed the subscription (I see a few who signed up but didn’t validate).



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3 thoughts on “$50 Cash Giveaway Reminder

  1. I have received your excel spreadsheet and both my husband and I are very impressed with it! It will take a while to really work with it as I am kinda new to spreadsheets (he is not, but he is blind due to his multiple sclerosis). But, I plan on completing the switch from YNAB to your spreadsheet this year with Glen’s support! Thank you so much!

    I subscribed to your blog and am a little confused about the $50 giveaway…have I entered properly? Help?

    I found you by your comments on Bobbie’s (Budgeting with the Bushmans) blog. I enjoy your comments…but, I especially liked your comment on your own blog where you thank your wife and state that without her this couldn’t be done. My husband and I feel the same way about each other! Unity is key! Glad you and your wife are united! 🙂 Cheeryshirley

    • Hey Shirley, thanks so much for your kind words. If you subscribed after last night, you probably didn’t get the email telling you how to enter. I will send it to you to make sure (you just need to leave a comment on a specific post named in the email.) Don’t worry, the contest is open until Sunday.

      If you ever have any questions on the spreadsheet or on anything else, please don’t hesitate to email me. Tell Glen I said hello and welcome!

      • Need help with the giveaway…didn’t find the e-mail…could you send again? Usually not this dense…

        Will tell Glen “Hello” from you, and thank you!

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