Our First Trip to the Library

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The following is a post from my wife, Katie.

You would think that as an elementary school teacher with an English minor and a house and classroom full of books that I would frequent the public library as often as possible.

Well, up until a week or so ago, I had never been the proud owner of a library card. However, I can now proudly boast to anyone who will listen that I have a library card and I LOVE it!

Here’s why:

1. It is frugal living to the max.
2. It is environmentally friendly.
3. Book, books and more books.


Frugal Living to the Max

First, my husband and I work diligently to live on less than we earn. We have spent so much time and energy on paying off debts and living frugally. We have worked together to compile a list of ways that we save money, including budget saving meal plans.

The public library is unequivocally frugal living to the max. The membership is free, it lasts for two years and is our family’s new favorite thing.

After our first visit, our seven year old daughter was simply in awe of it all. We left that first day with five books and three DVD movies. She wanted to know how much it had just cost us, as she is concerned with these things. I happily informed her that the cost was nothing, including our prized library card.

She was giddy with this information and was planning her next visit as we walked to the parking lot.

The library also offers up entertaining activities and programs for children that get us out of the house and cost us nothing. They also have options for adults too. Their website and online services allow for usage from the comfort of home as well.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Green is the new black, and I find it very important to teach my children to be environmentally conscious, as well as frugal. Use of the public library is an excellent way to teach both of these lessons. We don’t have to buy books to enjoy them, using up precious natural resources and our precious cash flow.

We can now borrow books at no cost to our family and return them for others to reuse.

It just doesn’t get any better than that!

Books, Books, and More Books

Here’s the great thing – our family LOVES books. In fact, our house is overflowing with them.

Now we can check out some wonderful books and return them when we are finished. Less clutter leaves to more simple living! The library also provides a vast array of DVD’s, video games and music CD’s as well. The opportunities for free entertainment for our family, right down to our two year old, are endless!

Who needs an expensive e-reader and the costs associated with the constant downloading of books, when you can just use your local library to meet all your reading needs? Not this family.

We are looking forward to years of visits and hours of free entertainment!


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24 thoughts on “Our First Trip to the Library

  1. Nice to meet you Katie! I can’t say that I am exactly “new” to the library like you, but I have recently reinstated my status by getting a new card. I’ve been utilizing the library for the last couple of years, but otherwise haven’t done so since I was a kid.

    My favorite part is the audio-book section. I’ve listened to a ton of audio books for free. Not only the physical CD’s you can pick up at the library, but they also have a nice selection via their website that you can download for free.

    My kids also love the library, with the endless selection of books. We always get them 10 at a time. When they are finished with those, we return them and go get 10 more!
    Matt @ RamblingFever Money recently posted..The Massive Advantage of the Roth IRA Over the 401kMy Profile

  2. My 5 year old’s proudest moment thus far (well, one of them) was when she got her own library card. She adores the library and lights up when we tell her that we’re going. It’s wonderful to see that I’m passing my love of reading and books and learning on to her.

    One thing I love about our library is the free wi-fi. There are some days I just cannot get work done at home, so I take a quick drive to the library and settle in there for a few hours. It’s a nice, productive escape from home!
    Jana @ Daily Money Shot recently posted..What to do when you just do not have enough income?My Profile

  3. Yes! My daughter LOVES to read, and when we got to the library (which is all the time), she can check out 10 books at a time. If she doesn’t like a book or can’t finish a book in time, it’s no problem, return or renew. No cost. 🙂 What’s better even, is that on nice days we ride our bikes to the library. So we get to get free books and DVDS, be environmentally conscious by doing so and by riding our bikes instead of driving, AND we get exercise by biking. It’s a win-win-win-win, etc situation. Libraries are awesome, dude!
    TB at BlueCollarWorkman recently posted..The Very First Blue Collar RoundupMy Profile

  4. Hi Katie!!

    Definitely the library is a wonderful resource – IF you bring the books back on time. I’m lazy when it comes to errands so i have the tenancy to accrue late fees on the books I take out. I love reading and I don’t hate the late fees because they support the library, though!
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  5. I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t take advantage of the public library even though I live within walking distance. My concern was that I was too rough on books, but that was primarily with paperbacks. Once I finish the book I’m currently reading, I’m going to make a point of finally using that library. The frugal side of me is just drawing me in.

    By the way, great to see John’s wife guest posting here. I really like it when a couple can help each other out on their blogs and show the other side of the story. Great guest post.
    Modest Money recently posted..Avoid Burning Your BridgesMy Profile

  6. My wife LOVES the library! She reads more fiction books than I though.

    I am all about saving money and being GREEN but I read non-fiction for the most park, enjoy taking notes in them, re-visiting them from time-to-time, and use them for blog posts.

    That said…we rent DVDs, CDs, and books from the library! Love it!
    WorkSaveLive recently posted..Recipe: The Green MonsterMy Profile

  7. Hi Katie! Nice to see you posting here.

    I love the library! The best part about libraries is that they are usually part of a larger network. You can request books from any library in the network, so it gives you a huge selection! I’m constantly going online and requesting books. My library will email me as soon as they arrive. 🙂 It’s a great system.
    Élan @ DoGreat.net recently posted..Why we writeMy Profile

  8. Years ago, I was without a library card for close to 10 years, and didn’t even think anything of it. Then, I decided one day to just go out and get one. When I finally got it, you wouldn’t thought that I had just gotten some great news. It was such a pleasure to have it.

    A library card is such a great item to have that I couldn’t even imagine how I was able to do without one for so long.

    You’re so right! A library card is frugal living to the max. It’s a lifeline to free print information, it’s convenient to have, and it’s FREE.
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  9. I lived at the library as a kid but have not had a card for years now. I live outside of town so will have to pay $50 per year for the card.
    It’s my plan this summer to go ahead and get the card so my boys can enjoy the library as much as I did.
    I am looking forward to audiobooks as well.

  10. I love the library. I’m a bookaholic and I’ve turned my daughters into avid little readers also. They get so excited when I take them to the library. If you saw their reaction you would think we were getting ready to go to DisneyWorld 🙂

  11. It’s been a while since I last visited a Library and I miss borrowing books with my friends. I prefer reading books – literal books rather than those virtual copies because I can appreciate the story and the author more, knowing that it took him so much effort and time for it just to be published. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience.
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  12. So excited to see a post from you, Katie! And very pleased to meet you. I love my library and I’ve been going for quite a long time. I was an avid reader and my parents could not afford to keep me in books, even with used book stores. Be careful though, it’s the only place I wound up with a collections account. (Miscommunication about a late fee that was supposed to be waived.) Our library also has a special feature that offers free “cultural” day passes to local museums. You should see if yours does as well!
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  13. Okay, I love the library. But here’s the one challenge: make sure you don’t make my same mistakes of not turning your books in on time! I now have an email reminder from the library that reminds me when my books are coming due. Seeing as the library recently raised their overdue signs to $.80 per day, late fines can really add up!
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  14. Katie, I really enjoyed you posting here! Great subject! I love the library, too, and it is a regular stop on our once-a-week shopping trip! 🙂 Cheeryshirley

  15. Thanks everyone for your thoughtful comments and for taking it easy on me! I really enjoyed reading all your thoughts and ideas. I think I’ll do this again!


  16. I was a library junkie for quite a while (until I discovered our “library” — a shared place to take and leave books — at my fulltime job). Now, since leaving that job, I love the e-reader books since I don’t have a car — so convenient! When the baby’s old enought, though, I’ll want to go to the physical library again for their programs and to check out kids’ books.
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