Best Personal Finance Writing-Week 20

Well, yesterday was my 31st birthday and I made a new friend. I went to the eye doctor because a large “floater” appeared in my right eye a few days ago. Turns out it’s a posterior vitreous detachment, or in laymen’s terms, a piece of tissue peeled away from my retina and is hanging out in my field of view. Because I’m so nearsighted, I’m at a higher risk of this, as well as retina detachment. Though my eye doctor saw nothing for immediate concern, he is referring me to a retina specialist for a second opinion.

best personal finance writing

So my new friend is with me every waking minute of the day. He looks like a little snake floating around. I’m sure I’ll get used to him eventually and maybe I’ll stop noticing him. But for now, he’s there like a shadow, reminding me of his presence every time I move my eyes.

The “old” me would have used this as an excuse to stay in bed all day and pout, but the new me tries to be positive. I could have had a detached retina and be in surgery. Instead I have an annoyance, at best. 



  • Dr. Cabler at Celebrating Financial Freedom had a great post on whether conventional wisdom that says buying is better than renting is true, from a financial and numbers standpoint. It very well may not be.
  • Jordann at My Alternate Life explores the question of whether there is a such thing as a “bad” job, and asks if you would work any job.
  • Darwin at Darwin’s Money asks how much monty it would take for you to renounce your citizenship, given that this question is in the news with Eduardo Saverin’s moves to renounce his US citizenship.
  • While everyone is focused on the Facebook IPO, Average Joe at the Free Financial Advisor is looking at JP Morgan Chase stock, which is also in the news given their recent troubles and the London Whale.
  • PK at Don’t Quit Your Day Job asks who is watching the watchers on Wall Street, a look at the “analyst crisis.” Great read.
  • Anthony at Joyful Self Manager lays out some attributes we should try to master that will get people to like us, important if you are in business for yourself.
  • I Heart Budgets has a great series on budgeting. Here’s a post about “savings buckets, a way to plan in advance for those surprise expenses that bust budgets.




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7 thoughts on “Best Personal Finance Writing-Week 20

  1. Thanks for the mention!

    Happy birthday too, and sorry about the news. I’m nearsighted as well, but it’s slowed down recently and I’m something like a -6.5 / -5.5 right/left on my contacts. Also, I had floaters, but none due to any retina involvement – that sounds scary. I think the reason was just loose tissue elsewhere in my eye from years of sports… but the ones I had actually moved out of my range of vision, except for a couple – and I do have to try hard to notice them. Hopefully it works the same for you!
    PK recently posted..The DQYDJ Weekender (Week of 5/14/12)My Profile

  2. Happy belated-birthday, John. I hope it’s was a good day for you nonetheless in spite of your new friend’s unwelcome appearance. It’s great that you have such a great attitude even though you’re dealing with such an annoyance. In any case, my prayers are with, and I hope that your vision gets back to normal soon.

    Thank you for the blog mention and for your kind words. Have an awesome weekend.
    Anthony Thompson recently posted..Self Manager – More Human Attributes that Will Get People to Like YouMy Profile

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