Best Personal Finance Writing – Week 28

If you’ve noticed that I’ve been a bit quieter around the World Wide Web (sorry, just wanted to say that again), it’s because I’ve been on a new project for work that has greatly impeded my ability to network with other bloggers during the day. This is only a 2-week thing, but then I’ll go on vacation for 2 weeks. I hope this site is still standing when I get back 🙂

My wife and I have been tying up some loose ends for our trip this past week. Need to get an International Driving Permit from AAA. Bought a power adapter, tablet/netbook case, iPhone charger, and travel towels from Amazon. The incidentals are adding up.

Even though we will only be in London about 2 days, she has already cost me $200 between a hotel room and train tickets. I was a bit worried that I’d have difficulty finding a hotel room during the Olympics, but I scored a “quaint” Victorian hotel in South Kensington for $140/night.

Shortly after purchasing train tickets to Stansted Airport, Chase called my cell phone to verify that I had initiated them. I guess it’s time that I notify them that I will be out of the country.


  • Marie at Family Money Values evaluates her progress on her goals for 2012. A good read for those trying to grow their own blogs.
  • Eric at DollarVersity calls out Congress for wasting taxpayer money and worrying about where donated warmup gear for the US Olympic Team is made.
  • SB at Finance Product Reviews talks about the Chase Sapphire Card. I have this card (the Preferred) and learned a few things about their travel insurance that I did not even know about my own card.
  • DebtsNtaxes takes us into the world of motocross, as an analogy for life. Complete with great pictures, too!
  • MoneyBulldog explains the complicated, yet familiar, Euro crisis in terms we call all understand.


Many thanks to the sites that featured my writing this past week: 

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  1. Damn work making you all busy just before your vacation. Don’t they realize a man’s got a blog to run too?? At least after all that hard work the vacation will be an even greater relief. Be sure to take lots of photos for us!
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