US Bank Internet Banking

By now, internet banking is not a new thing, but I must admit that I was one of the last people to start banking online when I enrolled in US Bank Internet Banking.

Like many, I preferred the old way of banking on paper. Perhaps I was leery of money disappearing or identity theft, but that was something that happened under the old way of doing things, so I figured, what do I have to lose?

US Bank Internet Banking

US Bank Internet Banking has two main components, Internet Banking and Bill Pay. There is also a dashboard to manage your investments if you have any through them, but I don’t so I won’t be covering that aspect.

I must say that I used the internet banking component well before I built up the courage to use Bill Pay. US Bank’s Internet Banking dashboard allows you to see all your money coming in, checks and transactions going out, as well as all your accounts (savings, checking, loans), all on one handy place. It also allows you to easily transfer money between your accounts, especially if you have a loan with them.

Despite the fact that US Bank Internet Banking keeps all your transactions in order, even showing up almost instantly after you make a purchase or payment, I don’t use that as a reason to ditch the old-school check register to keep my account balanced. Paper checks don’t show up in US Bank Internet Banking until they are cashed, which could cause some to bounce if you aren’t careful.

US Bank Internet Banking
Snapshot of the US Bank Internet Banking dashboard


US Bank Bill Pay

The Bill Pay component of US Bank internet banking allows you to almost completely do away with paper checks. You can pay almost anyone or any company in the United States, including your neighbor. I have even paid our babysitter this way.

All you have to do is search the vendor from their database, enter your account information, and pay. If the payment is made well-enough in advance, they will mail a paper check they print on your behalf, at no charge. If the transaction is initiated too close to the due date to mail, they will make an online transfer. I don’t think this feature works for small vendors like your babysitter, though.

Using Bill Pay through US Bank Internet Banking has saved me a great deal of time, as I can simply type in the amounts I want to pay, rather than filling out a multitude of checks, envelopes, return addresses, buying stamps, or even visiting a dozen different sites to pay online. This way also saves money on stamps, as well as cuts down on having to buy new checks, which are getting more expensive each year.

US Bank Internet Banking
Snapshot of Bill Pay dashboard


Pros and Cons of US Bank Internet Banking

To summarize, here are some pros and cons of US Bank Internet Banking and Bill Pay:


  • Faster (saves me a lot of time each month paying bills)
  • More accurate (sometimes I write down that I paid something when I didn’t. If it happened, it will be in the dashboard so I can double check)
  • Saves paper (if you get online statements, you will be saving a great deal of paper each year)
  • Reliable (I’ve never had a transaction that I completed accurately be rejected)



  • Can lead some people to become less attentive to their balance
  • There is always a risk of theft with any computer system


Do I Recommend US Bank Internet Banking?  

As a longtime customer of US Bank, I can say that I’m generally happy with them. Perhaps more of a relationship based on familiarity than anything, I feel that if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Because I had an auto loan through them in the past, I found it very convenient to have all of this in one place.

If you are a customer of US Bank, I would recommend that you sign up for internet banking. If you are looking for a bank, I cannot say that their system is the best because I haven’t used others. You may prefer to bank with someone who is more local, perhaps a credit union.

Note: this is not an affiliate post, just a personal review. I receive no compensation for this.

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23 thoughts on “US Bank Internet Banking

  1. Their system sounds similar to the rest of the banks that offer internet banking.

    I’ve never used online bill pay, but I’m sure it’s a handy service. We use the company’s site where our bill comes from to set up automatic payments instead of initiating it from our bank. …I’m not really sure why that is; I guess it’s the way we started and we’re used to it now.
    Jason @ WSL recently posted..Saving a Down Payment For a HouseMy Profile

  2. I couldn’t imagine being without internet banking. Paying bills and checking your balance is just way too easy to do online. I would think most banks offer the same type of basic features in their online system. Also, with the current level of encryption technology, online banking is quite safe. The main risk is if you had a virus or malware on your computer that was logging your keystrokes and found out your password.
    Modest Money recently posted..Thank You For Getting Speeding TicketsMy Profile

  3. i have increased my use of internet banking over the years, and really couldn’t imagine living without it.

    i use a combo of a local midwestern bank (with nice online options) and ingdirect (which i automatically transfer money for my mortage, car payment, and largest cc balance).. and the system works quite well.

    us bank sounds like a decent option.. are they the bank that automatically rounds the cents off of your debit transactions into a savings account?
    jefferson recently posted..Have Something You Want to Buy? Attach a Goal to It!My Profile

  4. Nice review. I personally use Ally for everything now; however, with interest rates so low its all about the same. I wish you had jumped aboard a few years ago – When I started with ING Direct, my first account had a 5% interest rate! Can you believe that? Now that I have a house and car, I can be just a little selfish and wish for interest rates to return back to the good-ole times …
    My Money Design recently posted..How to Read and Evaluate Basic Stock MetricsMy Profile

  5. I was slow to use interent banking but love it now. I have US Bank also and easily check my account a few times per week. I am working a debt snowball so I like the ease of paying my bills quickly as soon as my paycheck hits.

  6. We have our mortgage through US Bank and are pretty happy with them. The payment comes out of the local credit union that we bank through but I don’t think I’ll be switching anytime soon as they have been pretty good to us in the past and their online banking is nice. Plus I like to keep things local and help out the local economy.
    DebtsnTaxes recently posted..Race Weekend FailMy Profile

  7. Internet banking these days is so commonplace that you would almost have to be a space alien to not know anything about it. I used to love the paper banking services, but I find online banking to be so much more convenient.

    However, if you choose to do online banking, just make sure that you use good malware and spyware downloads on your computer to prevent the possibility of identity theft.
    Anthony Thompson recently posted..Self Manager – How to Put Some Whoop-Ass on ProcrastinationMy Profile

  8. I do agree that if you rely on internet banking too much you can become lazy and let some items slip up causing headaches. Same can be said to the paper method if you aren’t attentive though. Overall I love internet banking and it makes life much easier for me. On top of that, I can’t remember the last time I bought a stamp. Poor USPS.
    Lance @ Money Life and More recently posted..My First Job: Crazy StoriesMy Profile

  9. I’ve used iGobanking for a few years now and certainly miss the days of 5% interest. Now I use a combination of online savings account –higher interest rates due to less overhead are simply unbeatable–and local credit unions.

    I’ve been very satisfied with Discovers online banking as well.
    Jennifer Lynn recently posted..A Candid Look At My FinancesMy Profile

  10. I’ve also been using online banking since it first came out. I had my security concerns initially but it’s actually safer than going to the bank if used correctly.

    I’m actually more on top of my finances with online banking than with paper. With paper there was just too much to keep up with. I worked in Tokyo for a few years and over there you could do bill pay and things like that from the ATM. I remember coming back and wondering why I couldn’t do that here. They always seem to be a step ahead technology wise.
    John recently posted..Living With No Money? Is it the Recession or is it You?My Profile

  11. Internet banking help me manage my money easier that I can know balance without going to bank to update my passbook. If my balance lower than it should, I will careful all payment until the end of month.

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