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My name is Crystal Stemberger.  I took over Married with Debt completely in October 2014.  So, if you browse around, you could be reading posts from the original owner, myself, or my favorite staff writer, Libby Balke.

Crystal’s Story

I started blogging in Febuary 2010 on Budgeting in the Fun Stuff.  After becoming a full blown addict and starting other servics online, I was able to become a full time blogger in July 2011.  My husband joined me at home in January 2012 and it has been an interesting ride on the self-employment train ever since.

My husband and I live in Houston, TX.  We adopted our first cat, Vicky, in July 2015, I am a weekend volunteer with SMART Animal Rescue, and I am a professional pet sitter as well as a full-time blogger.  We have one mortgage right now (one for our current house) and one paid off rental property as of early 2013.  We were both raised by financially savvy parents who thankfully taught us some of the ins and outs of personal finance early on.  Despite a few big mistakes, our emergency fund and budget help us reach our goals and have a good time too.  I see money as a tool that is used to provide for our needs, our future, and the fun stuff in between.

Thanks again for visiting.  I hope you enjoy the site!

If you would ever like to contact me directly, please email me at:

budgetingfunstuff (at) gmail (dot) com