Is it Time to Buy or Sell Silver and Gold Bullion?

Last year I was buying and selling small amounts of silver and gold each month, but put that on hold after a large price drop in silver convinced me to focus every dollar on paying off debt. Now that I am debt free, I am ready to start purchasing bullion again. Some people have recently asked me if it is time to buy or sell bullion, and I say both. That’s because it depends on when you bought and if you need the money or not. If you bought low and the current price represents a high for you, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to cash out at today’s prices, which are better than they have been for many months. If you are wondering whether it is a good time to enter the precious metals markets, I’d say that I generally feel that silver at least is undervalued and the current spot price is good enough to establish an initial position and then start a montlhly dollar cost averaging purchase plan.     Why Bullion? I prefer silver and gold bullion to “paper” because it is something you can see and verify. Bullion is also very liquid (and fun … Read more

75th Anniversary San Francisco Silver Eagle Set

UPDATE: The US Mint has started taking orders, and will do so for one month (June 7 through July 5). Mintage will depend on how many are ordered. For me, this is problematic. If I don’t know the mintage beforehand, I can’t gauge the value. At $149, the 2012 American Eagle San Francisco Two-Coin Silver Proof Set is too risky and presents little opportunity to make a quick buck.

75th Anniversary San Francisco Mint SetRecently it was announced that the US Mint would produce a 75th Anniversary San Francisco Silver Eagle Set, a two-coin proof set featuring an “S” mint mark proof and reverse proof.

According to the US Mint website:



“The United States Mint at San Francisco plays an important role in our nation’s coinage. Although it does not currently produce circulating coins, it is the exclusive manufacturer of regular proof and silver proof coin sets that set the standard for numismatic excellence with their brilliant artistry, fine craftsmanship and enduring quality.”

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Hubpages – Is It Worth It?

So, count me among those who have fallen under the spell of passive income that Hubpages offers. Passive income is one thing our parents had from things like real estate and rental properties. Today’s “New Rich” prefer to set it and forget it, as Tim Ferriss would say, which makes online marketing a potential that can build to a low work empire. One of our greatest tools to get out of debt is to increase income. That’s why you will hear me recommend you sell things – sell your cars and buy beaters; sell your jewelry; have a garage sale. If writing articles can be a piece of the puzzle, why not try? Yes, there are stories of Hubbers earning up to $2,000 per month from hundreds of articles that continue to earn, month after month. Called “evergreen content,” these timeless and informative posts are the key to passive income. From my research I have learned it is not easy. Many Hubs take upwards of a year to start earning modest sums. The thought of having 100 articles each earning at least a dollar per day is my goal – this would allow me to work from home on projects … Read more

Collecting and Stacking Silver Coins and Bars – Pay Yourself First

Owning physical silver, which is the pure collectible form of the industrial commodity, is a form of diversification and hedging. It should not generally be considered an investment, though fearless traders have made (and lost) significant sums of money in short periods of time. It is better suited for those with an eye towards long-term savings. A recent post on Bible Money Matterstalked about the story of the Richest Man in Babylon. The man in the story sought out the advice of rich people, and was told:“I found the road to wealth when I decided that a part of all I earned was mine to keep. And so will you.” One of the best ways I’ve found to do this is buy regularly purchasing silver coins and bars. In uncertain economic times, holding physical gold and silver can be a hedge against inflation and currency devaluation. It is a way to consistently pay yourself and save a portion of your paycheck in a valuable form. Reasons to own physical silver:   CONTINUE READING >