Heading Out Soon for Our Pre-Christmas Cruise

Mr. BFS and I are getting loose ends wrapped up this week since we’re heading out for a week right before Christmas on another cruise. We seem to be addicted and this one will be costing us right around $1000 for the whole she-bang for 2 people for 7 days. It was an easy decision to make. Here are what we look forward to most on cruises. Disconnection I’m a professional pet sitter as well as a blogger. That means that I’m generally working 60-100 hour work weeks regularly. And I’m connected at the hip with my phone and laptop to get everything done online and get everything scheduled with the pet sitting. But on cruises, I stay 100% disconnected for the entire time we’re at sea. It’s amazing and I always feel a million times more refreshed after we get off the ship. Food and Fun Aboard Our favorite activity on a cruise is the nice dinners. Who wouldn’t like amazing meals in a kind environment? Another fun thing we do is gamble with a pre-set fun money budget. On land, we are limited to online gambling like www.fruityking.co.uk or driving to Louisiana. Gambling at sea is usually more … Read more

Four Essential Things Needed for an Overseas Trip

Last month, my wife and I returned from 9 days in Croatia, with a brief stopover in Munich. We took our nine year old daughter on her first real vacation. It was her first time flying, and her first time leaving the country. Needless to say, I think she (and we) have a great deal of new and lifelong memories, mainly from our daughter meeting her extended family for the first time. Since I just got back, I’ve been thinking about the things we brought, and the things we didn’t. As usual, we traveled with one bag each (I’ll talk more about this below). This means that packing has to be light, both for weight’s sake, and not to draw the wrath of the airlines, who do everything they can to get extra fees from you. When away from home for a good amount of time, the key is to balance necessity and comfort with the very real and very important notion that this is an opportunity to get away from the objects that fill our homes. Even if you are staying in a luxury hotel, 10 days away from home is a chance to restart your life in a new place … Read more

Photos from London, Istria and Croatia

We’ve gotten a lot of requests to see some photos from our vacation. Herein, we oblige. Thanks to all our online friends for continuing to support us when we were away. This time my wife and I took less photos than trips prior, probably because we are taking more time to enjoy ourselves and have a more discerning eye for images. So……here’s what we were up to for 12 debt-free days. What We Did On Our Summer Vacation!!                                                                            

The Best Travel Tip I Ever Learned

Best Budget Travel Tip

The following is a guest post from Simple Island Living, as part of the Yakezie Blog Swap. I wrote a post on the same topic at Simple Island Living, so make sure you head over there after reading this to see my post.

I am a huge foodie. My husband and I love food and wine almost more than anything else. The money problem we run into when traveling, therefore, is how not to blow everything on food. And as everyone knows, traveling and eating is a pricy endeavor – even for people who don’t like eating at $100/plate restaurants. For instance…

A family of 4 goes to Jack in the Box. Everyone gets a value meal – at a whopping $7 per person after taxes. That means that they spent $28 for 4 greasy burgers, 4 overcooked fries, and 4 large sugary sodas. Ouch.

Which leads us to the best budget traveling tip I’ve ever learned:

Don’t be scared of the words “fine dining.” Going to a chain restaurant, or a non-fine dining restaurant doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be saving money.

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Otok Brać – Vacation from Vacation

The phylloxera swept across the terraced hills of Otok Brać – Island of Brać – in the early 1900s, invading the soil.  Native to North America, the tiny yellow aphids traveled across the sea to Europe in the late 1800s, feeding on vino roots and spreading their wine death like an infestation of involuntary Prohibition.  The people on the island of Brać did not see it coming, and the families stood in awe and despair at the expanse of useless vineyards left in its wake. And the families began to splinter.  Some sought refuge on the mainland of the Dalmatian coast; some found their way to the university in Zagreb, while many began to feed the Croatian diasporas in South America, the United States and Australia. Those that stayed planted more olive trees, knowing that it would be 50 years before they would bear fruit, and that the hard work might mean a better future for those generations to come. The old olive trees watched, some for hundreds of years or more,  and continued to put forth.  The terra rossa soil held them close, and it was the color of blood.   My wife and I arrived on Brać via a car … Read more