Moving Beyond Money

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Does money run your life? Even if you answered ‘no,’ I’ll bet that it does. Unless you inherited a trust fund worth millions or you live off the land, money is the method by which your work is converted to goods. More accurately, it is the social accounting system by which your adherence to the economic system is measured. It is a factor in almost every decision we make on a daily basis. Money is why we get dressed every day. It’s why we venture out in the cold early morning to punch a clock, likely performing tasks we hate. Either that, or it’s because we love our families and want a warm, dry home for them. Like it or not, money runs your life, and if you aren’t making ends meet, chances are you think about money a lot. Even if things are going well for you, I’ll bet you think about money a great deal. I know I do. Despite having worked hard to achieve this: 100% Debt free. No car loans, no student loans, no credit cards, no bookies, no mortgage. Adequate Emergency Fund ($20,000 cash, plus almost $30,000 in unused credit card balances I can tap) … Read more

A Big Debt-Free Reward

The following was written by my wife two weeks before we moved, two months ago. JM Background I am proud to call myself a mom, a wife and a teacher. I have carried the label of teacher for more years than the others and absolutely know that I chose the perfect profession for myself. I’ve been teaching for thirteen years now. I’ve also been happily married for nine years and am a mother to two girls, aged eight and three. My husband and I worked diligently together to become debt free. Well, he did the work and I was supportive (and along for the ride). Anyway, we did it. We paid off all our car loans, student loans and consumer debt. All the while I was happily teaching at a school that I loved that my oldest daughter also attended. Life didn’t get any better for me. Great job…check. Daughters both happy and thriving in ideal environments…check. Debt free minus the mortgage on a house I love…check. Husband, the breadwinner of the family, loving and thriving at his job…………………no go. Thus Began His Job Hunt So began a months-long job search focused in the area where we lived. Frustration, worry, … Read more

Threats to Debt Freedom

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The biggest threat to debt freedom is…going back in debt, and that’s one of my biggest worries now that we are debt free (minus the house). I don’t plan on going out and borrowing any money in the near future, but I guess that’s the idea. If something unplanned were to happen, like one of our paid-for cars going kaput or a job loss, I’d be stuck flat-footed when it came to replacing it. I’m trying to save $10,000 by Christmas, and I have no room to be saving for a replacement car, even though I know I should be. I suppose I could use the cash I’ve accumulated thus far to buy a cheap used car, which is what I’d have to do if my car died tomorrow, but if I wanted to make sure I have something decent that gets good gas mileage and is reliable, I’d have to spend more than I have today. This is a bit frustrating because it goes to show that even after you escape the clutches of debt, its power is so strong that you must continue to prepare and take action against it to avoid falling back into its arms. Because … Read more

Debt Freedom – 7 More Months!

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Happy New Year everyone!

One of the reasons I started this site is to share my journey towards debt freedom (defined here as no debts except home mortgage).

Yes, I know that true debt freedom means paying off your house too, but most personal finance “experts” save that milestone as an upper-echelon, extra credit assignment.

I feel the same way.

Becoming debt free (minus the house), for us, means that we will owe no money for student loans, cars, credit cards, or personal debts. Like a small army, we marched down the Debt Warfare path, turning small victories into momentum.

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On HubPages and Lifestyle Design

Writing at has become more enjoyable than I thought, which is why I have devoted 100% of my efforts to getting a good amount of articles posted. At this point, I am nowhere near a passive income stream that is worth mentioning. Maybe enough to buy some breath mints. Some of my latest writing has been on social commentary, like my post on why I hate Facebook. I’ve also discussed the Albert Pujols age controversy, which is timely because he is currently in talks with a few different teams. I also discussed why people shop at thrift stores, and thrift shopping, and confessed my addiction. But lately, I’ve been reading a lot more from my favorite lifestyle designers, and this has committed me to the cause of helping you change your life for the better. If you are willing to take the ultimate step of actually living your life for you, a lot of walls and barriers will be broken down. You quickly realize that the rules are being written by those who profit from them. Why the hell do you think that retirement advisers say you need $2million in the bank when you retire? To sell you retirement … Read more