Moving Beyond Money

spending problem

Does money run your life? Even if you answered ‘no,’ I’ll bet that it does. Unless you inherited a trust fund worth millions or you live off the land, money is the method by which your work is converted to goods. More accurately, it is the social accounting system by which your adherence to the economic system is measured. It is a factor in almost every decision we make on a daily basis. Money is why we get dressed every day. It’s why we venture out in the cold early morning to punch a clock, likely performing tasks we hate. Either that, or it’s because we love our families and want a warm, dry home for them. Like it or not, money runs your life, and if you aren’t making ends meet, chances are you think about money a lot. Even if things are going well for you, I’ll bet you think about money a great deal. I know I do. Despite having worked hard to achieve this: 100% Debt free. No car loans, no student loans, no credit cards, no bookies, no mortgage. Adequate Emergency Fund ($20,000 cash, plus almost $30,000 in unused credit card balances I can tap) … Read more